Mediator / Arbitrator

When it comes to mediation, you need someone who is insightful, creative and has been in the trenches. A good mediator provides a cost effective way to avoid the courtroom and get the case settled. Over the course of Atlanta attorney Richard Storrs’ career, mediation has become the alternative dispute resolution method of choice for most cases. Richard can successfully mediate your case because he understands the legal and factual issues as well as the other dynamics that will affect settlement.


Richard will quickly understand the issues in your case. He will review prehearing statements and confer with attorneys or unrepresented parties in advance, at no additional charge. This approach allows participants to hit the ground running, and Richard can immediately use effective negotiation tools to resolve the matter.

Having been involved in mediating cases for over 20 years, Richard works creatively and effectively to guide the parties to a resolution. He understands the risks and costs of the adversary system. He also has considerable experience with how judges, juries and arbitrators evaluate disputes, and can put this understanding to work to resolve your case.

Richard has been involved in successful mediations in a wide variety of cases:

  • Contract claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Disputed claims for the sale of computer hardware and related services
  • Contractor claims for change order work and unpaid pay requests
  • Disputes over the termination of the contractor
  • Differing site conditions claims


For the few cases that cannot be amicably resolved, Richard has experience serving as an arbitrator. He has efficiently arbitrated cases ranging from a one day on-site arbitration between a homeowner and a contractor, to a multi-day dispute over payment for unanticipated site conditions.

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